Sweet Water adopts online school program

Published 10:51 pm Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Parents of students from Sweet Water High School can now track their child’s classroom progress from the comfort and convenience of their home.

School librarian Patricia Jones said through STI Home, parents can access important information about their children directly from their computer, anytime, anywhere, provided they have an Internet connection.

“With a student identification number and a password, parents and students can use the Internet for secure access to a student’s grades, absences, schedule and even their discipline record via the district’s student management software, called STI Home,” she said. “Additionally, because many teachers are using STI’s teacher grade book and the lesson planner, current classroom grades and recent homework assignments are also available over the Internet.”

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This past week, all students at Sweet Water High School in grades 1 through 12 were provided with a student number and a personal identification number that they and their parents will need to access the system.

Parents or students who do not have login information must personally visit the school office to obtain it.

To use STI Home:

Log on to https://iiod.ssts.com

Click on Alabama (AL) on the map.

Select Marengo County in the drop down menu.

Select your child’s school in the next drop-down menu.

Enter your student’s ID and PIN numbers.

Use the links on the left to view current grades, report card, attendance record, etc.