Linden charrette planned for April 2

Published 9:54 pm Friday, February 20, 2009

LINDEN – The date has been set for the kickoff of a series of meetings, surveys and planning sessions to help transform Linden into a thriving economic hub once again.

A team of architectural and community planning specialists will be in Linden on April 2 at City Hall to begin the process, called a charrette.

A charrette involves a series of surveys and assessments that culminate with a map of what Linden could look like by making some recommended changes. Conducted by Auburn’s Urban Studio under the direction of Cheryl Morgan, it works with towns to provide strategic planning tools that larger cities usually have but, by and large, do not have the capacity or resources to afford.

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The charrette will be funded through the West Alabama-East Mississippi WIRED Initiative.

According to Linden mayor Mitzi Gates, the charrette will begin with a town-hall-type meeting on April 2 where citizens, community leaders and officials will be asked to present their ideas of what can make Linden better.

Morgan’s team will compile information they gather from the town meeting, along with what they gather through tours of the city, and begin putting together a realistic model of what Linden could become. The process usually takes about three months to complete.

The results are published in a 22-by-34-inch full-color poster that can be exhibited throughout the community.

Charrettes have been completed in the west Alabama cities of Monroeville, Gilbertown and Evergreen.

“This is a great opportunity for Linden to find her strengths, weaknesses and potential,” said Gates. “This city has tremendous potential, and this will only help us see that more clearly.”