Westside holds its annual fund-raiser

Published 11:22 pm Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Westside Elementary School and its Parent-Teacher Association have begun their annual fund-raiser, and the students are literally playing an active part in raising funds for the school.

The fund-raiser, called “Tiger Rally,” features two weeks of students collecting donations for the school. People can donate a flat amount or promise to donate an amount of money based on the number of skills the student completes at Rally Day on Friday, March 13.

“On March 13, the children will participate in four different activity sets to earn check marks,” said WES principal Connie Brown. “Those check marks will be multiplied by pledges that people make for them to participate in the Tiger Rally. The more checks you earn, the higher the amount that student would collect from his pledges.”

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Brown said that all proceeds will go to Westside Elementary School, and added that the staff has earmarked items that it would like to purchase with those proceeds.

“It’s our one big fund-raiser of the year,” Brown said. “It’s a fun day, and we invite the parents to come and cheer their children on.”

Activity sets that the students will take part in on March 13 include the Ready-Set Relay, where students get check marks for completing one lap; a power walk, where students do different physical activities; jumping jacks; and an obstacle course.

The teacher will add the check marks together and figure how much needs to be collected from each pledge. Students will win prizes based on the amount of money they collect.

“I’m not much on door-to-door selling,” Brown said. “I told the kids to tell their family members and people they know — don’t go to strangers. They just love it. It’s a fun day for them — lots of physical activity — and they are doing something physically to help their school raise money.

“This will be the first time we’ve held a Tiger Rally here, where we’re doing the whole thing ourselves.”

Activities will begin on March 13 at 10 a.m. at the school. For more information, contact Westside Elementary School at 289-0377.