‘Tiger Rally’ raises funds for Westside

Published 11:53 pm Friday, March 13, 2009

Westside Elementary School’s fund-raiser, “Tiger Rally,” came to a close on Rally Day on Thursday, where WES students took part in exercises to help raise money for their school.

“Tiger Rally” marked the first time for Westside Elementary to take full control of its annual fund-raiser, working with the Parent-Teacher Association. The teachers and staff created all of the material and organized the entire event.

“Any time you fund-raise and you’re working with a company (like WES did last year), they are going to get a percent,” said WES principal Connie Brown. “The company that we had worked with and been successful with for two years before took 48 percent of our proceeds.”

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Everything that the fund-raiser brought in will go directly towards Westside Elementary projects. Tops on the school’s fund-raiser wish list were a lease for a copier, a laminating machine, classroom art and enrichment materials.

Not only that, but 10 percent of what each classroom raises will be spent on supplies for that classroom, encouraging students to get out and raise money.

Students were to collect pledges for each exercise they did: jumping jacks, obstacle course runs, laps around the track — different exercises done throughout the day. For example, if a student got a pledge for $1 for each jumping jack done, and he did 25 jumping jacks, then the person who pledged the money would give $25 to that student. Donors could also make a flat donation to the school.

The event was originally scheduled for Friday, but it was moved back to Thursday with the threat of inclement weather.

“It was a great day!” Brown said. “They had as much fun as being in the gym as they did on the obstacle course. It was fun everywhere they were.”

Students were also competing for prizes based on the amount of funds that they raised. The funds must be collected and returned by Wednesday, March 25.