Take part in our arts and culture programs

Published 1:45 am Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Demopolis fine arts.

There are some who would roll their eyes at that phrase, but Demopolis has a strong record of providing artistic and cultural events all year ’round.

The Demopolis Public Library has all kinds of programs and special activities for almost anyone, from books to guest speakers, from art shows to reading clubs and more. Anyone wanting to find something for their minds can always start at the public library. It can be reached at 289-1595.

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The Two Rivers Arts Council sponsors several programs throughout the year, like last Sunday’s one-man performance of “Rejoice, Dear Hearts: An Evening with Brother Dave.” For information about the Arts Council, contact chair Carolyn Cowling at 289-9674.

The Marengo County Historical Society presents programs of local historical interest, such as the Pilgrimage of Homes and the Mardi Gras masquerade ball, not to mention the proposed county history and archives museum. For information about the Society, call Bluff Hall at 289-9644.

All of these organizations invite new members to join and take part in the cultural programs that they provide to the public. They also welcome tax-free donations.

However, they also need support through public attendance. These organizations and many others provide a wide variety of programs and services for the education and entertainment of the public to feed several different tastes.

The Demopolis Times and The Blackbelt Gazette publish several stories about what these organizations are doing for the public. We cover them when we can, and we enjoy doing so. We ask you to take part in something provided by these local groups and organizations, in whatever you feel like you would enjoy. Take advantage of these programs. Demopolis is fortunate to have these organizations.