Threats are not just a prank phone call

Published 1:44 am Wednesday, April 1, 2009

In the last 50 days, Demopolis police and fire departments have responded to two bomb threats: one at John Essex High School on Feb. 9 and, most recently, at the Demopolis Inn on Monday.

Bomb threats are a waste of resources.

In fact, a domestic disturbance was called into 911 while officers poured through the Demopolis Inn Monday, and manpower had to be diverted to the scene.

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In all, two handfuls of police cars and fire trucks were called to set up a perimeter around the Demopolis Inn.

What if there had been a real emergency? One of our city’s most valuable resources – our first responders – was out on a phony call.

Phoning in a phony bomb threat is a felony. Was making that call and forcing what was no more than six or seven people to stand out on the sidewalk really worth spending time in prison?

In the case of John Essex High School, the hours of education lost were added back at the end of the year. If that attempt was an effort to get a day off, it didn’t work and still, you face jail time.

Just because an actual bomb wasn’t placed at some unsuspecting locale doesn’t make these phone calls a harmless prank.

It’s a crime, and we hope those who choose to make these phone calls find this out the hard way.