Holocaust marker is to remind everyone

Published 7:27 pm Wednesday, April 22, 2009

On Tuesday, Bert and Mary Louise Rosenbush dedicated a memorial to the B’Nai Jeshrun Cemetery in honor of the millions of Jewish people who were killed during the Holocaust.

While such a memorial may seem out of place in most small towns in our area, it is very appropriate for Demopolis. Although Mr. Rosenbush is the last practicing Jewish person in Demopolis, it was not that long ago when many of Demopolis’s outstanding citizens were Jewish.

The dedication ceremony was not just a chance to reflect on the history of the world, but also on our own history and how our city was affected by it. By taking a look back, we often also take a look forward and see if we are going down a path traveled once before or are learning from the mistakes of the past.

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The Holocaust was the most insidious action taken against a select group of people. While most would agree with that, there are yet other genocides going on in our world. While we may not be able to physically stop them from happening, we can help others who work for an end to this heinous crime.

At the dedication ceremony on Tuesday, Mr. Rosenbush prayed, “May the Father of peace send peace to all troubled souls, and comfort all the bereaved among us.” That is a prayer that will always be needed.