Students complete photo interpretation

Published 2:32 pm Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Senior Advanced Placement English class at DHS recently completed a photographic interpretation of 12 of the major works studied throughout grades 9-12, employing more than 120 seniors in the process.

“Initially, the class of nine discussed and planned the project with the help of Rob Fleming of Fleming Photography,” said Demopolis Advanced Placement teacher Bridget Cain. “First, the works were chosen, and then, students were cast in various roles.”

The class was responsible for contacting curators of local historic homes, Gaineswood and Bluff Hall, as well as private homeowners in order to use these locations for photo shoots.

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“Additionally, members of the class procured costumes from The Bargain Box, created costumes and props, staged each photo and organized the photo schedule, which spanned five locations and two days,” Cain said.

“As the photographer, I took it upon myself to try to convey a true message from each of the novels, such as the equality in the relationship of Elizabeth Bennett and Mr. Darcy in Jane Austen’s ‘Pride and Prejudice,’” student photographer Jordan Hammond said.

The purpose of the project was to allow students to create a visual interpretation of great works of literature.

In order to successfully complete this project, students had to understand the overall theme of the literature as well as the individual characters.

“I liked doing it because we got to dress up as characters from the books we read in class and it brought everything to life,” senior Allison Fields said.

Shelby Pearce agreed.

“(I) learned about the relationships of the rest of the characters” through her role as Miss Bingley in “Pride in Prejudice.”

Students demonstrated critical thinking skills in their conception, planning, organization and implementation of this project. The final result will be a permanent piece of art at DHS comprised of three 3-by-4 panels of photographic collages.

“I had tons of fun,” said Jamie Yarbrough, a senator in the Julius Caesar shoot. “I love that we got to do something artistic that will actually be seen and remembered.”

April Moore echoed that feeling.

“I enjoyed being part of history,” she said. “Those pictures are something that will be there forever.”

The Senior Advanced Placement class and Bridget Cain would like to thank principal Dr. Issac Espy and assistant principal Booker Barlow for their approval and support of the project; teachers Lucinda Mason, Allene Jones and Jill Tutt and student teacher Amanda Peabody for their help in organizing; Rob Fleming, Kirk Brooker and Bruce Lipscomb; Mike and Jane O’Neal for the use of their front porch;and Jay and Rhonda Russell for the use of their front yard. Special thanks go to Kitty Eddins at the Bargain Box, who saved the project.