Area students continue to shine in academics

Published 9:46 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

The scene at Honors Day at Demopolis High School was pretty typical for a high school gathering in the gymnasium.

Parents, family and friends filled the bleachers, while the Class of 2009 sat in chairs on the basketball floor. Audience members fanned themselves with their Honors Day programs, but were not deterred by the heat.

Dozens of DHS seniors were presented with honors collected over the school year, including scholarships to various colleges and universities and scholarship gifts totaling thousands of dollars.

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Our students work hard to earn these graduate gifts, and to have so many students achieve in so many areas speaks well for our schools, our students and their futures.

To achieve in college, it helps to be an achiever in high school. Our students know that and strive not only to do well on certain assignments but to achieve, succeed and grow through the effort.

It was the Class of 2009 that earned the No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon status, one of a select few high schools nationwide to attain the honor. That designation is permanent and should remain with them throughout their lives.

Congratulations to our students who earned the several honors presented at Friday’s Honors Day ceremony.

We are proud of your achievements, and we know that you will represent your hometown well in your future endeavors.