CVS buys Food World pharmacy records

Published 9:26 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

The pharmacy at the Demopolis Food World closed on Thursday after 38 years of service, with its customers’ records going to the CVS Pharmacy on U.S. Highway 80.

That action was a result of Bruno’s — the parent company of Food World — declaring bankruptcy and selling its stores to C&S Wholesale of New Hampshire last week.

“CVS bought Food World’s files,” said CVS chief pharmacist Ronnie O’Neal. “They’ve bought 22 Food World stores’ files already when they closed their pharmacies.

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“All of the refills will be available at this (the Demopolis CVS) store. If they need their prescriptions refilled, we’ll have their records so it won’t be a big problem. We have combined our computer systems together where we can fill them. Their insurance information should transfer as well as their prescription information.”

O’Neal said that most of the employees from the Food World pharmacy were coming to CVS, but wouldn’t start working at CVS for about another week.

“Luckily, not too many people will lose their jobs from the pharmacy,” O’Neal said.

Over at Food World on Thursday, it was an understandably emotional day, as the pharmacy was closing up shop, having opened in 1971, then at the store called Food Fair.

“We’re starting the electronic transfers tonight when we close,” Food World pharmacy manager Raymond Boone said on Thursday. “It will be smooth. The only transition problem is that people are concerned about being able to get all of their medicines that they have on file.”

“But that’s obviously not the case,” said Bud Boone, a former pharmacist at Food World.

O’Neal and Raymond and Bud Boone said that if anyone has any questions or concerns, they may bring them to the CVS employees or to the Boones themselves. Customers may contact the CVS pharmacy at 289-3657, Raymond Boone at 289-4993 or Bud Boone at 289-1895.