You may not be dreaming

Published 9:48 pm Friday, May 8, 2009

If you think your living room isn’t all it could be, boy, have I got good news for you.

The Demopolis location of Larry Walters Furniture, in conjunction with Rhyne Home Services, is giving away a free $10,000 living room makeover to the person voted as deserving it the most.

The winner will receive a complete living room designed by Mary Rhyne, a professional designer at Larry Walters Furniture who will meet with each contestant and design a space based on that person’s needs and style.

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An allowance of $10,000, including labor, will be granted to the winner.

Your living room doesn’t have to be “ugly.” It doesn’t have to be “messed up.” It doesn’t have to be anything other than not living up to the potential that you can see within the space.

The contest is open to anyone, and there is no purchase necessary to enter.

No purchase necessary? Ten thousand dollars for filling out a few lines of information and taking a photo? That sounds like a good deal to me.

Unfortunately, as an employee of the newspaper I’m not eligible to win. I could already tell you that if I won that $10,000 the Cannon family would have a nice over-stuffed leather sofa, fresh carpet, some new lamps and artwork.

And all of it would be arranged by Mrs. Rhyne, who knows how to make an ordinary space look extraordinary.

She could pick out whatever color paint for the walls she felt best suits the space, and if I need a rug, she can choose that, too.

If I need crown molding, maybe a little drywall work, in comes Rhyne Home Services. It’s all included in my winnings.

I’m getting the living room of my dreams designed by a professional, and I didn’t have to do anything to get other than put my name in for it. It didn’t cost me anything.

I get to kick back and watch it all come together. It’s like being rich but without all those extra taxes.

To have your living room considered, fill out an entry form, which is included in this edition of the Times, and do as instructed. All entries for the contest must be taken directly to Larry Walters Furniture.

I just told you what I would do with the living room of my dreams. What would you do?

You don’t have to tell me. Show everyone.

It will only take a few minutes of your time and maybe a few milliliters of ink from your pen as you fill out the entry form. Stop by Larry Walters with a photo of your living room, and your dream may just come true.