Pet act shows great compassion

Published 2:29 am Saturday, May 30, 2009

The students in Amelia Mackey’s fourth-grade class at U.S. Jones Elementary School learned a little more about Christmas last year and got an early lesson in giving to the community.

As Christmas approached last year, Mackey felt like her students may want to get her something for the holiday.

That something came in the form of dog and cat food and monetary donations that help local strays.

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The class talked about the animals and how they are a part of our community. They agreed that helping the animals in need it would serve our community very well.

Lucille Carpenter, who oversees the animal shelter, said the donations the shelter receives helps allay the cost of spaying or neutering animals that are adopted from the shelter.

We challenge each of you today to find a way to help control the pet population of our city.

Animals should be kept on a leash or in a fence or home. They shouldn’t be allowed to wander the streets.

Males find females and litters of puppies and kittens soon follow.

Responsible pet owners need to be aware that the actions of their pets affect their neighbors.

Your strays get into garbage cans, which litters the street. They “do their business” in unsuspecting yards and they create traffic hazards.

To make a donation to the animal shelter, go to the Demopolis Animal Shelter on East Jackson Street or to any veterinary office in Demopolis, Livingston or Greensboro and make it to the Demopolis Humane Account.

And as our old friend Bob Barker says, “help control the pet population. Have your pet spayed or neutered.”