Smart phones can help users multitask

Published 11:54 pm Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Today’s ever-changing world brings together the busy daily schedule with the need to keep everything at hand.

The biggest way for people to do that is with smart phones.

The Apple iPhone, the Blackberry Storm and Palm’s Centro are all devices that almost eliminate the need for home phone line. Now, companies are trying to take away the need for the home Internet line and any other need a person may have.

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“A new camera, GPS, portable music player and a business planner may all be on your list, but what if you could buy one device that does it all, saving you money and shopping time?” said Holly Lollar, a public relations representative with Verizon Wireless.

Smartphones have something for everyone, and with the new development of 3G and 4G Web-browsing technology, companies have all but eliminated the need for a home computer.

“If you’re the kind of person who likes to check movie times, download music and watch videos, browse the Web and more, 3G is for you, no matter what type of smartphone you own,” said Caran Smith, public relations manager for the west Alabama region for Verizon.

These do- it-all devices are now easy to use to go along with all their different functions. The newest smart phones are all about making the experience your own.

Apple’s iPhone development, along with the thousands of applications available with it, makes for a completely personal phone.

New technology can be scary, but now, these easy-to-use phones only make it better for those who use them.

“As with personal computers, the biggest benefit to smartphones is their customizability,” said Lollar. “Independent software developers create programs that let you do more things, and the number of such programs available will only increase.”

Technology may make the average person nervous, but all the phone companies have done their best to make it easily bought and learned for even the most technologically illiterate.