10U tourney to have economic impact

Published 7:46 pm Friday, June 5, 2009

As all-star season begins Demopolis’ Sports-Plex once again has earned the right to host a state tournament.

On July 10, families will come to Demopolis from across the state to cheer their respective 10-year-old teams on to victory.

Tournaments like these are a big deal for Demopolis, in not only the exposure they bring to the city, but also the economic boost they lend to such communities.

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Chamber of Commerce director Kelly Smith is excited about the upcoming possibilities associated with the event.

“We did a study on a fishing tournament that would be roughly this size,” said Smith. “And the economic impact was estimated at right at $500,000.”

That projected income is largely due to the amount of people that will stay in Demopolis.

“We have reserved 180 rooms for the families to stay in for at least three nights, at $80 a night.” Smith said.

That is $43,200 dollars on the spot that will come into Demopolis via hotels.

That does not take into account that the families will likely everyday things like buy gas, dine and wash dirty baseball uniforms.

Smith estimates that there will be 200-300 people that will come into town for this tournament. With all these people coming into Demopolis for what could be the first time, it provides the perfect opportunity for businesses to market themselves.

The opportunity for local businesses to catch people’s eyes while their children are playing is a distinct possibility and one that could only bring more money into the City of the People.

“Demopolis is located on two major state thoroughfares,” said Smith. “And a lot of people come through and will remember a store and it will provide a chance for repeat business.”

Demopolis Youth Baseball League President and tournament director Arthur Evans echoed Smith’s sentiments on the importance of the opportunity that the tournament brings to Demopolis.”

The economic window of the $400,000 to $500,000 is a significant boost for a town of our size,” said Evans. “And that is what we are looking at bringing in over the five-day window of the tournament.”

Evans believes that with the help of all businesses, the tournament will run as smoothly as possible.

Such cooperation only fuels what could be a local boom for Demopolis small business owners.

Organizers believe the city as a whole should be ready to take on the tasks associate with the tournament, along with the officials of the Cal Ripken league as everyone will reap the benefits.