‘Porky pine’ carving given to Smoking Jack’s

Published 7:39 pm Friday, June 5, 2009

What do you do when you are done working and have all the time of the world on your hands?

Well, local retiree Charlie Dotson answers that question by carving art out of wood.

“Boss Hog” is the name of his latest creation, and he is a 4-foot-6, 190-pound pine pig.

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Dotson said that the project was just a way for him to stay active and do something fun. When he had finished, he knew exactly where to put it.

“After I was done, I knew this would be perfect down at Smokin’ Jacks,” said Dotson.

So, Dotson loaded his pine swine on a trailer and donated him to the barbecue restaurant. Boss looks like he was taken off of the walls at Smokin’ Jacks, down to the apron and the utensils in his hoofs.

Now, it’s time for Dotson to move on to the next pile of wood and the next great artwork.