Rebirth of GM’s classic is a hit

Published 10:14 pm Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Bumblebee is back, and we aren’t just talking about in the new Transformers movie.

For the first time since 2002 Chevrolet has produced and sent out a brand new Camaro.

This new take on one of the classic American cars has given light to a recent trend in the automotive industry, the rebirth of the muscle car.

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Ford began by rolling out the new Mustang; GM tried to counter with the renewal of the Pontiac GTO but it was ineffective. Dodge folled and re-released its Charger.

Now the new Camaro is starting to live up to the hype that GM hoped the GTO would receive.

“It’s the hot muscle car right now,” said Kelly Etheridge, a salesman at Windham Motors. “We had four on the lot and now we are down to our last one.”

If this trend continues it could provide a huge pick-me-up for the struggling GM.

The Camaro has always been GM’s number two when it came to the power cars. With the Corvette being in the company’s arsenal, the Camaro quickly became the affordable muscle car for the everyday man.

The new muscles do not look like their older brothers.

With sleek lines and sophisticated design, technologies abound on the inside. The new muscles seem to do the job of adding beauty and brains to the brawn.

While the breakout of the muscle car has been a new trend, the American public has continued to speak out on what they want. In spite of the media’s push to make hybrid cars popular, it is still the truck and SUVs that are the hot choice.

This is a trend that even trickles to Demopolis.

“People in Demopolis still take the truck and SUV over a car,” said Etheridge. “We have recently sold four trucks, and people have even traded their car in for a truck.”

While it is not a surprise to see that stat in a town that thrives on outdoor activities, the fact is that national trend is a little surprising.

Etheridge said that even in the gas hike, trucks were always the popular choice.

While the truck is still king, it will always be the muscle car that makes us turn our head twice. That is just how the car companies want it.