Saraland sets its sights on Vickers

Published 11:05 am Saturday, June 20, 2009

Just one month into a search for a new principal for Demopolis High School, the Demopolis City School System is inching ever closer to another personnel void at its top leadership position.

The Saraland Board of Education voted unanimously Thursday night to offer Demopolis Superintendent of Education Dr. L. Wayne Vickers the same position with the Mobile County city school district.

Vickers became the Demopolis superintendent in 2007. Before that, he worked as the principal at Hillcrest Middle School in Tuscaloosa for two years, principal of Crestmont Elementary School in Northport for three years, and principal of Zion Chapel High School in Coffee County for two years. He also has served as director of curriculum development at the Kentucky Department of Education.

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Board member Veronica Hudson told the Citronelle Call News that Vickers’ experience separated him from the 11 other applicants and, ultimately, the other finalist, Elba schools Superintendent Danny W. Weeks.

“We had one candidate that showed great stability in being with the same school district for so many years,” she said of Weeks.

“Then, we had another candidate with great experience who has worked in nearly every position in the school system and is very versatile,” she said of Vickers.

The school board hopes Vickers’ experience plays a key role as the two-year old city school system opens its high school this August.

Saraland Board Attorney Bob Campbell said one of the tallest orders facing the new superintendent will be establishing a curriculum for the school’s inaugural tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade classes.

The length of the contract has yet to be finalized but it is expected to be either three or four years with an annual salary of $125,000 plus “perks.” Board officials declined to elaborate as to what those perks may be or assign a monetary value.

Vickers declined comment when contacted for this story.

As of press time, Vickers has yet to meet with Saraland officials to discuss the contract offer. Campbell told the Call News Thursday that he hoped to have that accomplished by the weekend and would like to have a signed contract no later than Tuesday, with Vickers’ first day being July 15 if he accepts the job.