There’s more than what meets the eye

Published 8:52 pm Tuesday, June 30, 2009

It’s funny that when you put a group of people together who call our city home, the phrase usually pops up, “There’s nothing to do here.”

In the last seven days a cruise ship has docked here and an Alabama Corvette Club motored through out city.

They all came to investigate exactly what there is or is not to do in our city and the latter of the two was a return trip prompted by a visit for a wedding.

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It’s amazing that something as simple as a wedding prompted a driving tour of our city. It wasn’t because there wasn’t anything to do. It was because the charm of the city prompted further investigation.

Truthfully, the things that are important to our city’s continued development are booming.

Walking tours have been hoping and we’re just a few days away from Freedom on the River.

You can bet that will be well attended by citizens of the city, the county and the region.

Extension agents from all over Alabama recently held a meeting here, as did the state taxidermist association. The AMSTI initiative was in town, training teachers from all over the area.

All of these events kept local cash registers ringing for food, gas and miscellaneous purchases.

Some of them filled up a few hotel rooms.

See, there’s a lot of things going on in our community and each of them are important to our continued growth.

Demopolis is a viable tourism stop and we all stand to benefit from that.