Ongoing search does not reflect on schools

Published 8:21 pm Thursday, July 2, 2009

Dr. Walter Davie ended Wednesday what might have been the shortest stint as principal in the history of DHS – about 12 hours.

Despite accepting the job of the school’s top administrator Tuesday night, Davie changed his mind and elected to remain in Tuscaloosa.

The system’s detractors swooped in almost immediately.

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It’s unfortunate that such a long and drawn out process, and such an involved search, must now start again – or at least it was reset temporarily.

But Dr. Davie’s sudden revelation that “home is where his heart is” in no way reflects poorly on our school system or our community.

There are those that will have you believe that, but it’s absurd.

Principal of any high school is a premiere job.

Principal at DHS is an elite job.

Because one man elected to decline an offer reflects only on his indecisiveness. It was a good enough job for him to apply for. It was a good enough job for him to drive down for an interview and it was a good enough job for him to initially accept.

It was a good job 10 days ago and it’s a good job now.

There were still three applicants whom we suspect all would have jumped at the opportunity and likely many more who would apply if given the chance.

They say the Lord blesses us in mysterious ways.

It is certain that Dr. Davie’s passing on this opportunity is a blessing, albeit one in disguise.

We welcome Mr. Clark to our city and we’re sure he’ll show us what a blessing that was in only a matter of a short time.