Fireworks ordinance will be enforced

Published 5:49 pm Friday, July 3, 2009

Now that the Fourth of July is here, many Americans will spend time in their own traditions celebrating our nation’s birthday.

Some will barbecue, others just sit back relax with a drink in hand, and still others will play with fireworks.

For the citizens of Demopolis, there is nothing wrong with that, provided they stick to the laws that our city provides.

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The explosives are available for sale and use today (Saturday) from 8 a.m to 11 p.m., according to City Ordinance 2001-3.

Citizens should be aware that just because July 4 is a holiday, that doesn’t mean police are going to look the other way on displays that go beyond the prescribed length of time.

“We will be complying with (Ordinance 2001-3) for sure, especially if we have complaints called in to the station,” said police chief Tommie Reese.

Reese was adamant about what he hopes is a safe and happy holiday.

“We want everyone to have a great time on the Fourth, but we also want them to be safe and use common sense,” he said.

Reese also stressed the need to realize what kind of environment that we are in right now, with the lack of rain and dry conditions, and that shooting fireworks can be very dangerous, no matter how careful you are.

“We need to be mindful of how dry it is right now,” he said. “The lack of rain has made it easy for the trees and grass to catch fire. People need to make sure that they have a way of putting the fire out on hand.”

Along with safety with fireworks, Reese was adamant about maintaining other safety precautions during the holiday.

“We beg people not to drink and drive,” he said. “If you are going to drink (alcohol), please don’t drive. If you are going to drive, don’t drink. It is that simple.

“We are here to help people have a good time. It is what this holiday is about.”