All aboard the techno-train

Published 8:53 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

Technology is like a train steaming down the track.

When it’s moving forward it’s going fast and nearly impossible to stop.

This week, the Demopolis Times jumps on yet another railcar of technology and launchs a free mobile site.

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Those of you with “smart phones” like Apple’s iPhone, a BlackBerry or a similar device equipped with mobile Internet capabilities, can read the Demopolis Times’ top stories directly from your cell phone.

Simply log on to or (they both take you to the same place) and you will be directed to the new site.

From that mobile site you can navigate to top news, sports, opinions and obituaries that have been posted to the parent website,

You don’t have to provide your cell number or register for anything. The site is there for you to enjoy. Just log on and read. You’ll likely want to store the web address in you mobile browser’s favorites for quick access in the future.

The mobile site updates as stories are posted to the main site, providing mobile readers with news access 24 hours a day right at the tip of their fingers.

This technology train gets increasingly longer seemingly each week.

Our new mobile site joins our current efforts on facebook and Twitter, both of which provide breaking news capabilities to your home computer, Twitter and facebook pages and your cell phone.

Currently, our Twitter feed updates our “followers” as news is posted to our Twitter page. Breaking news and news updates are posted to both sites somewhat regularly.

Visitors to our website,, increase each month and our new mobile site gives our readers access to a much more cell phone friendly version of our main site, complete with all updates.

A downloadable mobile site launcher is currently in development but not quite ready. This application, when made public, will allow you to access this site by simply clicking the icon when you download it to your cell phone.

Between our printed product, the website, social networking presence and, now, our new mobile site, it’s harder to miss the news of our community than it is to find it.

With ‘round the clock non-stop access, all free of charge, it’s now easier than ever to have community news delivered via the method of your choosing.

We hope you enjoy our latest venture into technology and thank you for hoping about our train for the ride.