Gandys win $10,000 makeover

Published 8:42 pm Friday, July 10, 2009

Trey and Kelly Gandy of Demopolis are the winners of the Larry Walters Furniture $10,000 living room makeover, a contest that awarded a makeover to the person voted to have the ugliest living room.

On May 13, Larry Walters Furniture — in conjunction with Rhyne Home Services — began the contest in which candidates submitted photos of their living rooms to The Demopolis Times to be voted on each week. Nine weeks and several photos later, the Gandys were voted as the contest winners.

The Gandys will receive up to $7,000 in furniture, carpeting and accessories from Larry Walters Furniture and up to $3,000 in paint and trim from Rhyne Home Services. Those totals include any cost for labor.

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“We’ve been married for about three years,” Kelly Gandy said, “and everything that we have is hand-me-down things. We wanted something that was just ours, that we could pick out.”

Kelly said she is looking forward to seeing the new living room designed and coordinated by interior designer Mary McAlpine-Rhyne and her husband, Michael Rhyne, the owner of Rhyne Home Services.

“Mary knew what to do, and I agreed with her. She really knew what she was talking about!”

“We have sat down and have already got pretty much everything planned,” said Mary McAlpine-Rhyne. “We hope to have the room complete within the next six weeks.

“I go into their home and look at what they have now, and what they want their space to be. “I went into the homes of all of the finalists, and met with them individually, and that’s been very interesting and fun,” she said.

The Gandys are the proud winners of a $10,000 living room makeover, and are thankful that so many people thought they had the ugliest living room of them all.