Tigers meet Bulldogs at Memorial for Monday scrimmage

Published 8:13 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Demopolis welcomed Sweet Water to Memorial Stadium Monday morning for its final competition day of the summer before donning pads for the first time next week.

“I think it was great. Probably one of the best things was to get to see our twos against other people,” DHS head coach Tom Causey said of the day, which allowed the Tiger second-stringers to get simulated game reps against an unfamiliar opponent. “It’s something we’re going to try to do more of next year.”

Unlike the traditional seven-on-seven competitions in which teams participate during the summer months, the Tigers and Bulldogs utilized the day to get a look at their respective offensive and defensive fronts.

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The teams put 11 players on the field each play, equipping the defensive linemen with padded bags.

“For us and Sweet Water, that’s what we want to be doing,” Causey said. “We’re going to live and die by the run. That’s why it was so good for us. It helps us out a ton to get those reps.”

The teams took turns running plays in specific situations before breaking down into groups for four-on-five and seven-on-seven face-offs.

“I think anytime you can line up in a scrimmage-type situation, it isn’t going to do anything but make you better,” Causey said.

While the day was beneficial for the Tigers, Causey said the scrimmage did reveal some areas of concern for his team.

“I think we’ve got to do a better job of understanding where we (need to be in the secondary),” Causey said. “Our second offensive line and our second quarterbacks, that’s got me a little bit nervous. We need to see how they handle a different color helmet on the other side of the ball.”

Causey also said he was impressed by the performances and production of a handful of players.

“I think (starting quarterback) Ben (Pettus) had a real good day,” Causey said. “(Fullback) Damarcus James had a good day. Defensively, I was pleased with our defensive line and linebackers. (Middle linebacker) Michael Davis had a good day. (Offensive linemen) Taylor Polk, Allen Tucker and Dalanee Reid had good days.”

Causey explained that, while certain players had standout days, assessing where the team stands at this point will be impossible until it puts on the pads for the first time next week.

“We’ll find out more about that in the next week when we get those jokers in full gear. Things change when the pads come on. That’s the things for everybody in the state right now is to find out where you are when the pads come on and things go live,” Causey said. “As far as assignment and things like that go, I think we are ahead of where we were last year.”

Regardless of what he discovers about his team over the next two weeks, Causey was clear that Monday’s activities meant a great deal to the Demopolis program.

“I think we’re very lucky to have (Sweet Water) that close to us and be able to get together with a multiple time state champion. I think the world of (Sweet Water head coach Stacy) Luker. He’s a class act in everything he does,” Causey said. “Our boys have got to take care of each other. They aren’t competing against each other for a state championship, so they can get out there and make each other better. I know Coach Luker and his bunch did what they could to make us better and hopefully we were able to help them.”