U.S. Jones Elementary issues supply lists

Published 8:47 pm Tuesday, July 28, 2009

U.S. Jones Elementary School is the next step for Demopolis students after beginning at Westside Elementary School. U.S. Jones features students in third through fifth grades, and is located at 715 E. Jackson St.

U.S. Jones Elementary and Westside Elementary began using the “Story Town” reading program last year, and are continuing to use that this year. Last year, teachers decorated their doors as a storefront — just like a real town — featuring pet stores, pizzerias, bakeries, even a fire department. Many of the teachers will do that again this year, including third-grade teacher Bess Griggers, who is continuing her “Griggers’ Critters” theme this year, with a hamster and a new pet rabbit.

Here is a list of supplies that U.S. Jones Elementary School students will need to bring when school opens on Tuesday, Aug. 11:

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Third grade: a 2-inch notebook/binder, one pack of notebook dividers (please do not write on these), one pack of construction paper, one box of 24-count Crayola crayons, two glue sticks, two bottles of Elmer’s School Glue, one pack of wide-ruled notebook paper, one pack of No. 2 pencils, one pair of scissors, two red clasp folders (do not write names on these), four black Expo markers, one bottle of Germ-X, two boxes of tissues, two rolls of paper towels, one can of Lysol spray, two boxes of baby wipes, one bottle of Clorox wipes and one school box or pouch.

Girls should bring one pack of red pens and one box of Ziploc sandwich bags, while boys should bring one box of Band-Aids and one pack of Crayola markers. No rolling book bags or trapper keepers will be allowed and will be sent home if they are brought to the school.

Fourth grade: four packs of loose-leaf paper, several packs of pencils, one ruler showing inches and centimeters, crayons or colored pencils or markers, glue, scissors, elementary dictionary and thesaurus, two rolls of paper towels, two boxes of Kleenex and Clorox wipes.

Boys should bring large black Expo markers and two bottles of Germ-X, while girls should bring construction paper and two bottles of hand soap.

Parents are asked to put their child’s name on all supplies, and should see their child’s teacher before purchasing three-prong folders, notebook dividers with tabs or a large binder. The school requests no rolling bookbags or spiral notebooks.

Fifth grade: one box of crayons, one pack of markers, one pack of colored copier paper, one bottle of glue, two glue sticks, two packs of sharpened pencils, one pair of scissors, three packs of wide-ruled paper, three spirals (one red, one blue and one black), two clasp folders with pockets, one pack of Post-It Notes, one roll of Scotch tape, one box of baby wipes, one box of Clorox wipes, one can of disinfectant spray, one bottle of Germ-X and one pack of black Expo markers.

Girls are asked to bring one box of quart-size Ziploc bags, while boys are asked to bring one box of gallon-size Ziploc bags, three rolls of paper towels, one pack of highlighters, a three-ring binder and two composition notebooks (no spirals).