Pam’s suffers from water damage but store not washed up

Published 6:51 pm Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Pam’s Video in Linden may have suffered a devastating fire on July 27, but it is in no way gone for good.

Store owner Pam Samples promises to have the store reopened in less than two months.

Members of the Linden Fire Department responded to an emergency call at 3:38 a.m. last Monday after a police officer had stepped outside the station and noticed a burning smell coming from the direction of Samples’ store. The officer placed the call, and Samples was notified of the fire at 4:10 am.

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“They really don’t know what caused the fire,” Samples said. “They think it was an electrical fire up in the attic. The attic pretty much burned up and nothing else.”

Although the fire did not damage Samples’ business equipment and inventory, the fire department’s necessary response to the flames caused everything in the building to be lost. Still, Samples is very grateful for the quick response by the fire department.

“I am very impressed with the fire department and how they responded,” she said. “I commend them for what they did. Another 10 minutes, and the entire building would be gone.”

The day following the fire, Samples thought that her store may have been lost forever.

“I was crying my eyes out because I thought they were going to have to total the building,” she said.

Fortunately, subsequent inspections by the insurance adjustor showed that the building could be saved.

“The building will be gutted from roof to ground,” Samples said. “It will be a totally brand new store when it gets through.”

Samples plans for all renovations and rebuilding to be completed in 45 days. She plans to reopen the video portion of the business as well as the Sno-Biz and deli portion.

Pam’s Video opened 21 years ago in its current location as strictly a video store. Samples added the Sno-Biz and deli shop to the business three years ago.

Samples remains optimistic about the future of Pam’s Video.

“Bad news happens, but you just have to work with it,” she said.

“I’m just grateful.”