A week of great beginnings

Published 9:32 pm Friday, August 14, 2009

This has been a big week for the Cannon family and the City of Demopolis. And as luck would have it, both those important moments intersect at the Board of Education.

Last Saturday night, my family and I had the pleasure of helping christen Tiger Stadium.

The hour-long event was held to officially dedicate the new Home of the Tigers to the community and introduce Pride, the new 300-plus-pound bronze tiger, to the football team.

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Thanks to RockTenn and the Demopolis Quarterback Club, along with Premiere Pyrotechnics, for an exceptional fireworks show.

The sky had barely darkened from the festivities when, three days later, my five-year-old daughter, Lizzie, entered her first day of kindergarten at Westside Elementary.

Lizzie’s attended day care or pre-school in some shape or form since she was about eight weeks old. Dropping her off at a school was not a new experience.

What was new is that she’s begun her journey down the path of a formal education.

Those who have cared for her in the years leading up to this moment have done a great job. Lizzie entered her first day of school already familiar with some of the material that awaits her.

I know Mrs. Pittman, Lizzie’s teacher, and those after her will continue to challenge her young mind and will help guide her safely down the path to success.

Only a few days after her first day of school, I find Lizzie’s social calendar filling up faster than mine. Friends, both new and old (but none much older than six), dot the landscape that is our living room, backyard or playroom.

Various practices or children’s parties have consumed what used to be an otherwise quiet existence.

As I watched the festivities unfold at Tiger Stadium last week, I began to think about the role Lizzie would play in the Demopolis education system.

As the band marched across the field, I wondered if she would be blessed with musical talent.

When the dance team hit the field, I wondered if she would be blessed with such grace.

When the cheerleaders took their turn, I wondered if she’d be blessed with such athleticism.

Those answers will reveal themselves in years down the road.

However, I am excited that both Tiger Stadium and my daughter officially entered the school system at the same time, and I know great things are in store for them both.