Be a good fan this football season

Published 10:05 pm Friday, August 21, 2009

It’s that time of year that almost all Alabamians look forward to: the start of another football season.

There is nothing like going to a game and watching your team take on an opponent. Year in and year out, there is nothing that a school or community associates itself with more than its football team.

As you go to the games this year, you can help make it a more enjoyable event for everyone.

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As you get to the stadium and then leave after the game, be extra patient. When you leave for the game, allow yourself enough time to find a parking space. Bring a flashlight or two, in case the parking lot isn’t well-lit. If there are parking lot attendants, pay attention to their directions and always be careful of other drivers.

Cheer for, rather than against. Build your team up, rather than tear the other team down. Set the good example not only for your team and its fans, but also for the opponents.

Practice good sportsmanship. Treat the other team’s players and fans (and maybe the officials) as you would want to be treated.

Football is a great game, and the road to the playoffs is sure to be an outstanding one for many teams in our area. Support our teams, our schools and our students.