Hard to have asked for a better night, time

Published 10:07 pm Friday, August 28, 2009

Anticipation was high.

Demopoilis has been starving for football since a few days after New Years.

Collegiate recruiting, the NFL Draft and spring training were just enough to make us mad.

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That brand new glistening Tiger Stadium down Highway 80 was just enough to drive us nuts.

After seven long months the night finally arrived.

Not only was football back last night it was back and better than ever. Tiger fans packed the stands. Down on the sidewalk looking into the crowd, it was hard to pinpoint a vacant seat.

When the city school system wants to christen a new stadium, the community comes out to watch it.

Our thanks to the architects, the construction crews, the Demopolis Board of Education and community leaders for getting behind this project and making this dream a reality.

Tiger Stadium is a real show piece.

Last night, a few hundred fans left our new stadium dejected. Fortunately they were all wearing black and yellow.

Our Tigers provided the answer to what will soon become a local trivia question:

What team did Demopolis beat to win their first game in Tiger Stadium?

That answer is Wetumpka. The extended answer is that it was their first game and their first home game.

Our thanks to all for making last night so special.