McGee starts coaching career

Published 8:25 pm Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MARION – When her playing career ended at UWA earlier this year, Demopolis High alum Brittany McGee figured her days in organized softball were over.

“I was looking for accounting jobs,” McGee says of her focus following the completion of her undergraduate work.

What she soon found was an opportunity she did not expect. After looking further into the job offer and getting herself acclimated with the campus and surrounding community, McGee accepted the position of assistant softball coach at Marion Military Institute.

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“I really liked it and I got a good feel for everything,” she says of her initial campus visit.

The job affords McGee, who started a softball camp in Demopolis along with her younger sister Brandy earlier this year, the chance to coach and continue in the game that she loves.

“I’d always thought about (coaching), but I have an accounting degree,” McGee says. “I just see a need for female coaches. Just being able to teach the sport, it feels like I’m helping people for the better.”

Since starting in her new job just more than a month ago, McGee has already headed out onto the recruiting trail.

“I took my first recruiting trip. I went with the head coach down to Miami (Florida),” McGee said. “That is something that is not a problem for me, just kind of talking to people.”

While her job will send her to a number of places nationwide, McGee says one her primary focuses is gaining more local exposure for the second-year softball program at MMI.

“One of the things that I really want to do is to get the word out about the program to people in the Black Belt,” she said.

As the MMI assistant, McGee’s job consists of a number of tasks. Still, her primary focus is as a pitching coach.

“I kind of specialize in pitchers,” McGee, who compiled a career 2.95 ERA at UWA, said. “When you begin with younger pitchers, it’s more about fundamentals. As they get older, you have to really focus more on specific types of pitches.”

While she is just a month into her new career path and uncertain of what the future will hold, McGee concedes that she may like a chance at a head coaching gig one day. However, she is approaching her new role in the game with the same mentality she employed to find success in her previous one.

“I’m taking it just like playing,” McGee says. “The day that I don’t enjoy and am not doing it for the love of the sport is the day I quit doing it.”