Tailgaters kick off inaugural season at Tiger Stadium in style

Published 9:04 pm Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The addition of a new football stadium has also brought about a change for the Demopolis Tailgaters. The group, which consists primarily of representatives from Rock-Tenn and Foster Farms, has enjoyed the opportunity to move its activities onto the high school campus.

“It’s been overwhelming,” Major Walker said of the response the group has seen from the community through the team’s first two home games. “We’ve had representatives from Rock-Tenn and other members of the community.”

For each Demopolis High home football game, Earnest Taylor, Dave Harwell, Chuck Smith, Conrad Murdock, Nathan Hardy, Mark Bozeman, Willie “Preacher” Moore and Clarence Lomax, set up their grills and smokers just after two in the afternoon and begin their craft.

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“We just want to make it exciting, support the Tigers and have fun,” Walker said. “We want to invite anybody who wants to tailgate. They are welcome to come out.”

The tailgaters joined with Foster Farms just over two years ago. Foster Farms representative Braxton Spahos said the events give the plant and its employees a unique opportunity to interact with the community.

“We just wanted to do something for the high school,” Spahos said. “Our management people come out after they get off work and give away corn dogs.”

“They’ve been doing it for years along with Foster Farms,” Demopolis Quarterback Club president Kenny Freeman said. “We in the quarterback club are trying to promote it a little more. I think it is going to grow too. We encourage everybody that wants to do so to just come on. Anybody that wants to tailgate can just come out and join us.”

Freeman said the tailgating has helped to add to the positive atmosphere surrounding Demopolis football.

“Anytime you get folks excited about football, it just carries over to your team,” he said.