Local employer promotes farming industry

Published 11:31 pm Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Harvest Select Catfish, a vertically integrated and privately-owned Alabama catfish processor, has initiated a new campaign promoting the development of industry and jobs in America by the U.S. farm-raised catfish industry. Farming of all kinds helps to create jobs in local communities while feeding the growing world population.

A new promotional logo has been developed by Harvest Select which represents farming’s commitment to U.S. communities. It has been designed for use on billboards, print material, and in other media. It can also be seen on trucks as they travel across the nation.

Harvest Select Catfish is a company that has played a major role in the move toward sustainability for catfish processors, leading the way in adherence to certification standards established by Best Aquaculture Practices.

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“This promotional campaign is another way our company is taking a proactive approach to making the public aware that the development and sustainability of jobs and industry in our local communities is our future,” said Harvest Select president Randy Rhodes. “We’ve always believed that when quality products are made in America, it creates opportunities for our local communities in the form of new industry and new jobs.”

Harvest Select is the first in the industry to be certified according to Best Agricultural Practices (BAP) certification, based on standards established by the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) and certified by the Aquaculture Certification Council (ACC). U.S. farm-raised catfish is one of the safest, highest quality products and available year round fresh or frozen in a variety of product forms.