Revamped layout with same mission

Published 12:30 am Saturday, November 7, 2009

If you’re reading this column in our Saturday print edition, you’ve undoubtedly noticed things look a little different today.

Jeremy and I, your regular Saturday columnists, are joined now by David and Rep. A.J. McCampbell – formerly your Wednesday editorial package.

As you may have noticed, your Wednesday edition of the Demopolis Times was minus one editorial page. We elected to change that edition’s formatting to create room for more reader-submitted material.

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Everything you submit to us – either via e-mail, regular mail or by dropping it off by our office – is important to us. Our problem has become that we’re getting so much, that we’ve had trouble running it in a timely manner.

That’s the best kind of problem to have and it’s one we can easily solve.

However, we didn’t want to eliminate David and Rep. McCampbell’s presence from the newspaper. Therefore, we revamped Page 4 and expanded our editorial page for Saturday.

It is our hope and our goal that every sliver of content that was running previously under the old format will continue to run in the new one. Phase II of that goal is to allow additional space for community submitted news like school honor rolls, candid snapshots from around the county and school, church and club news.

We hope our abrupt change didn’t disrupt your morning routine Wednesday but if it did, hopefully the expansion of this edition will make up for it.

Those of you who continue to submit community news items, we thank you.

Debbie Nichols, Raycelia McIntyre, Patricia Jones, Mitzi Gates and Tracy Stewart each regularly submit news of our schools.

Betty McCormick, Tom Boggs, Madoline Thurn, Laura Clements, Kathryn Friday, Marquita Griffin and the contributions from Chrissy Brooker and those with whom she works have also become an important part of our community news staff.

I thank those that I’ve listed above for their help and their contributions. And I thank each of you who drop off wedding and engagement announcements, birthday photos, big fish, deer and turkey photos and everything else in between.

You’re an important part and valuable part of this newspaper.

Jason Cannon is publisher of the Demopolis Times.