Thank you for support

Published 9:05 am Monday, November 16, 2009

Dear editor, The Times

My family experienced a very unfortunate mishap late Friday afternoon when our house on Main Street was engulfed in a fire and was extensively damaged while my husband and I were at work. Those that have experienced such a trauma know the emotional toil that it has on a family.

I do, however, want to say thanks to so many people, many of whom I do not personally know. Thank you to the unknown walker who saw the fire early and went to the house to confirm that no one was inside and in danger.

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Thank you to Kitty Eddins, my neighbor, who heard our alarm and quickly called 911. Thank you Demopolis Fire Department who responded so quickly and were totally professional in keeping the fire

from doing even more damage to the structure and who kept the fire from impacting the homes of our wonderful neighbors. Thank you to so many people who immediately offered prayers and consolation that night as my family stood outside watching the firemen do their work.

Thank you to the unknown individual who dropped off a box of clothes to us that very night. Thank you to the many others that I will not name because I know you would not want public recognition but you are forever in my heart for your kind words and offerings.

I am blessed to live in Demopolis, “the City of the People.” Yes it is indeed.

Megan Shows