Quarterback Club raises money for injured LeFlore player

Published 7:12 pm Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The scene at halftime of last weekend’s third round game between Demopolis and LeFlore transcended football. It was was a moment of sportsmanship wrapped in a gift of hope and goodwill.

Demopolis Quarterback Club president Kenny Freeman and DHS principal Leon Clark walked to midfield to present Ben and Evelyn McGhee a check for more than $3,000. The contribution was collected in less than a day and a half and was given to the family in order to help alleviate the medical bills of their son Tim Robinson, a senior middle linebacker at LeFlore who suffered a subdural hematoma during the team’s Oct. 9 game against Spanish Fort.

“The community, the schools, churches, it has just been a fantastic outpouring of support,” Ben said of the moral and financial assistance the family has received from various communities since the incident occurred.

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“We’re going to continue to take money up through the week if people want to continue to give,” Freeman said.

As of the donation, Robinson was still in a hospital bed in Mobile, awaiting transfer to Atlanta. He had not yet regained movement in his extremities and had only just begun showing signs of responsiveness to verbal stimuli.

“They really haven’t (given him a prognosis), but they said that he should make a full recovery,” Evelyn, whose son has recently started smiling in reaction to jokes and familiar faces, said. “It will take some time, but he will make a full recovery.”

“And we believe in God for nothing less,” Ben added.

The Demopolis community became involved in the effort when Jennifer Spence happened upon the story when perusing LeFlore High’s Web site. At her urging, the QB club began the process of collecting funds. In less than two days, the organization took in more than $3,000 from students and individuals around the community.

“Everybody has responded,” Clark said. “The kids (at DHS), when they heard about it, they were real excited to help. We raised $700 to $800 in one day. We’re real proud (of their response).”

Freeman, who has served as president of the club in each of its first two years in existence, said the group was enthusiastic to help with the cause.

“The good Lord works in mysterious ways. And this is just the good Lord working through t he quarterback club,” Freeman said. “The quarterback club, to me, is just an arm of the football team. We are here to support the team and the community.

“The quarterback club is not just about the football team,” Clark added. “They do so much to help out with other groups.”