Remember local retailers now

Published 3:16 pm Saturday, November 28, 2009

Yesterday’s Iron Bowl likely put a dent in what many local retailers had hoped to reap in Black Friday riches.

With signs pointing to a recovering economy, there seemed to be good reason to think this year’s holiday shopping season would be better than the last.

We suspect those optimistic people are right.

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Please remember our local merchants as you make your way out this holiday season, searching for that “perfect gift.”

Money spent in our county stays in our county. Those dollars are used on our schools, our roads and other local needs.

We fully understand that you can’t suit all your needs right here in Demopolis — hence the trips to Tuscaloosa and Meridian.

However, we challenge that most of those needs can be met by our local merchants between the national and locally-owned retailers that call Demopolis home.

The men and women who operate these stores are our friends and neighbors.

In patronizing their stores, we can ensure that their holidays are just as merry as our nearest and dearest family members.

Should you absolutely have to go out of town, please opt to fill your vehicle with fuel at one of our many locally-owned gas stations.

Every little dollar you spend here – on fuel, on chips, on clothes or anything else – replenishes coffers that are used to help keep our county running.

Your holiday shopping will go a long way in keeping the Demopolis machine going while you give your loved ones that locally purchased “perfect gift.”