COTR barbecue not a wise investment

Published 9:28 pm Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear editor, The Times,

As a native of Demopolis, I have enjoyed COTR since its inception in 1972. Like many years in the past, I traveled from my home in Atlanta to Demopolis for the event this year. I must say the

Bar-B-Que event was not only a disappointment, but also a bit of a sham.

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After my friend and I paid our 7 dollars each to enter the event, we found ourselves walking around a big circle, with each tent marked “Private Party”. Since I have not lived in Demopolis for the past 25 years, no one recognized me or my friend. Hence, we were not invited inside to sample or buy anything, or to even get out of the cold. I can only imagine the feelings others from out of town must have had when they experienced the same.

I want my $7 back, and I would like to see my native town right this wrong. I have never felt more unwelcome.

Catherine Dennis

Cumming, Ga.