Humane Society taking memberships at shelter

Published 9:17 pm Friday, December 11, 2009

Bigbee Humane Society is currently accepting membership. Dues are $25 per year for a family and help raise funds to help shelter animals at Demopolis Animal Shelter providing spaying and neutering and enlarging the holding areas.

“We have a couple of investigators, me included,” said Lucille Carpenter.

Bigbee is also seeking tormented and starving animals that need humane help, but the Shelter will need as much assistance as the animals that they serve.

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“All this takes more people being willing to help with fostering animals of all types,” Carpenter said. “Right now, we need pastures for starving horses. We will provide feed and hay if we just have good facilities to place these starving animals.”

Carpenter also noted that the Demopolis Animal Shelter is full and in need of foster families and supplies, which prevent the euthanization of homeless animals.

“Bigbee has some foster homes, but pens and food are needed,” Carpenter said.

Those with unused doghouses, pens or food should call Demopolis Animal shelter at 289-3879.

“We urge people to adopt from the shelter or foster homes,” Carpenter said. “Between the shelter and foster homes, we have about 60 dogs to choose from.”