Stolen stroller means a lot to family

Published 9:28 pm Friday, December 11, 2009

Dear editor, The Times,

I write to you today regarding the theft of our stroller. We live on Main Street, and two weeks ago our stroller, which was parked on the side of our house out of view from the road, was stolen. The stroller was a double-incline stroller and given to us by generous grandparents before our first child was born in 2008. It was not flashy nor did it appear new by any means.

As I have, over the last week, gone on what some would call a crusade to find our stroller, I have heard the hearts of so many residents of Demopolis that have also been violated in a similar way. People told me stories of lawnmowers, children’s bicycles, weed eaters, riding toys and such being taken from their front porches, backyards, garages and even right inside their front doors. I get that people take iPods and cell phones out of unlocked cars parked on the road, but a stroller?

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I want to believe that people are better than this. I want to believe in a better Demopolis. I want to feel in my heart what so many said to me when we moved here that “Demopolis is such a great place to raise children.”

I know it is a stroller, but that is just it. It’s a stroller and it meant more to our family than the person who took it can realize. I am pleading to whomever took it, please return our stroller to us if you have it and prove right the sentiment that Demopolis is indeed worthy of the reputation it enjoys.

Meg Wingfield