Let’s not forget those on the clock

Published 11:35 pm Friday, December 18, 2009

Local Christmas preparations are already under way. In many cases, some of you have worked your final day of 2009.

However, some of or friends and neighbors will not be able to enjoy holiday festivities Thursday or Friday thanks to their work schedule.

Emergency rooms must be staffed. The Fire Department will need personnel on hand, as will the Police Department. Those who staff the ambulance service will need to be available for call and a handful of local stores will keep their doors open right up until dark for the last second shoppers.

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Keeping their respective jobs running means time lost with family. In many cases, these families have altered their plans – moving them up and down accordingly.

However, there’s something special – if not traditional – about spending Christmas Eve with your children as they prepare for Santa’s arrival and spending Christmas Day rummaging through empty boxes before heading off to church.

So, please, as you make your way deeper into the Christmas Season – and as the countdown hits single digits – keep these men, women and their families in mind.

We are grateful for their service to our community and what they do for us.

Their willingness to fill these roles have allowed many others the opportunity to spend time with their families and we hope everyone enjoys their Christmas Holiday as much as possible – regardless of when you observe it.