A long, six-year road to Demopolis

Published 7:49 pm Saturday, January 2, 2010

Each year, countless Americans make New Year’s resolutions; and each year, countless Americans tank those resolutions by mid-February.

I’ve never been one to go into a new year saddled with a resolution. It’s not like I couldn’t stand to drop a few pounds or exercise a little more – or at all – but the first day of a new year has never appealed to me as a good time to start those initiatives.

All told, Jan. 2 is a much more important day in my household than Jan. 1.

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That’s Tiffany and my wedding anniversary, and a day I’m not apt to overlook.

This year, Tiffany and I will celebrate our sixth wedding anniversary. That she and I also work together, we often joke that we get credit for double time.

Or, to borrow a line from “Night Court” judge Harry Stone, “credit for time served.”

We’ve heard it a millions times, “I couldn’t work with my” wife/husband.”

We’ve hardly known any different. We actually met on the job and have been a package deal ever since.

We’ve been blessed that the company for which we have worked for our entire married lives has allowed us to move up and along the newspaper ranks together.

It’s not always easy, but it’s almost always been fun. We do miss out on those “how was your day” conversations at the dinner table, but we so rarely use the dinner table that we make it up in other ways.

In these six years now, we bought our first home in Clanton, then our second in Russellville, and then our third and, hopefully, final home here in Demopolis.

We’ve had a beautiful little girl, and in about six months, we will welcome our second child. We’ve celebrated a lot of good times with a lot of good friends.

We’ve had a lot of good opportunities with a lot of good people.

I’m grateful we have the chance to celebrate this with our friends here in Demopolis.

So today, Jan. 2, 2010, I’d like to wish my wife, Tiffany, a happy six-year anniversary. I’ve enjoyed every second of the last 2,191 days. Thanks for all the things you do for me, Lizzie, our community and this newspaper.

And, no, this column does not count as your present.

Jason Cannon is publisher of the Demopolis Times.