Highway shopping centers renovated

Published 10:59 pm Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Demopolis is doing what it needs to do to attract businesses to our city limits. Developers are reshaping shopping areas to provide a more attractive venue for business owners to place their stores.

Ronnie O’Neal, the pharmacist at CVS Pharmacy in Demopolis, renovated the outer facing of his Robinwood Shopping Center and the former Lowe Shopping Center, which are side-by-side in an effort to give the businesses along U.S. Highway 80 a better look.

“It was starting to get dated-looking,” he said. “It was the old Butler-type building. I realized that that part of town was starting to deteriorate, so I decided to update it. I put a new front on it, and it looks nice now.

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“My stepdaughter, Lacey Moseley Carroll, designed it for me. She is an interior designer with a degree from the University of Alabama.

Then, a couple of years later, the Lowe Shopping Center was up for sale, and they sold it to me last summer. I went ahead and upgraded it, too. I resurfaced the parking lots there and dressed them up.”

With efforts like this from local business owners, Demopolis is an attractive place for any business to come to. That is something that will benefit all businesses.