Reward offered for sign vandals

Published 10:31 pm Friday, January 22, 2010

It’s easy to tell when a political season is here, just watch out for the dirty pool.

Marengo County Sheriff candidate John Brown is already facing his second run in with his campaign for an election that’s nearly 10 months away.

One of Brown’s signs was recently vandalized, having removed his photograph from a 4 feet by 4 feet sign placed at the intersection of Highway 80 and Highway 25.

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As a result, Brown is offering a $500 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the people responsible. Brown has already posted a $1000 reward for the person responsible for circulating a false rumor that he and the Pine Hill Postmaster were charged with holding, returning or seizing U.S. Treasury checks.

“The reason I’m offering the reward is to show people I’m serious,” he said. “I’m running a clean campaign and I’m not going to stand for people attacking me or vandalizing my signs.”

Brown, currently the Chief of Police in Pine Hill, estimated that the vandalism occurred the week before Christmas. The sign is valued at approximately $350.

The person or persons responsible can expect to be charged with Criminal Mischief, a misdemeanor.

Those with information deemed helpful to Brown are asked to call 334-963-9640, 334-963-4351, or stop by the office, located at 50 Dunn Street, Pine Hill.