Political PACT ploy is discouraging

Published 10:10 pm Friday, January 29, 2010

Dear editor, The Times,

It is very hard to believe that an intelligent politician, having held office at the State level, could or would, throw 46,000 PACT recipients and surely their families “under the bus.”

Tell me how many of these voting or near voting PACT recipients and their families won’t remember Ms. Lucy Baxley the next time they step into a voting booth.

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She was quoted recently, “I warned them about the wording in the PACT documents. “I had them change the wording when I was in office, so the state could not be held responsible for failures of the plan.”

Don’t believe she had the people’s interest at heart, who were – at the time – skimping, saving, doing without, trying to provide a college education for their children and grandchildren.

Had she spent a part of her time working to bolster and support the PACT plan rather than finding ways to eliminate responsibility we might be in a better fiscal position now.

You may ask why I am so adamant and despondent over this fiasco. My wife spent a portion of her retirement funds to purchase six PACT plans for our six grandchildren.  So after hearing Ms. Baxley’s utterances and fearing other politician’s desire to “straddle every fence”, we have become concerned over the possible loss of funds and the non-reliability of politicians in general.

Henry Baxley