Truck crashes through municipal complex

Published 12:59 pm Friday, January 29, 2010

No injuries were reported after a Dairyman’s Supply Company truck sheared a U.S. Highway 43 sign, struck a utility pole, causing a street light bulb to fall to the ground and plow into the municipal complex, which is in the process of being renovated. The truck narrowly missed running into police chief Tommie Reese’s office, where Reese was sitting when the accident occurred.

Power was cut to the building as a safety measure, as the truck was leaking antifreeze and oil, and a number of electrical wires that were being used were pulled from their locations.

Brian Brooker of Ellis Architects said his company would assess the damage and determine where it needed to go from there. The building will house the Demopolis Police Department offices as well as the Demopolis city courtroom and its offices. The scheduled completion date was Feb. 10.

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More information will be provided later today.