Here’s your chance, so please take it

Published 12:13 am Saturday, February 20, 2010

When we throw out the word “uncertainty,” what comes to mind?

The economy? National health care? Medicare coverage? Social Security availability?

There’s probably a million other things. A growing deficit. Federal spending. “Bailouts” We can keep going.

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Today at noon, you’ll have a chance to get the attention of a man whose job it is to keep his finger on the pulse of these concerns. Furthermore, it’s his job to work to solve this issues for us.

Sen. Richard Shelby will hold a public meeting today at Smokin’ Jack’s at noon. He will give a brief update on legislation.

He will then take questions from the public. If any of these items are issues you believe need tackling, let him know.

If your concern lies more on the local level, let him know that, too. This is an opportunity we only get once a year. We have Richard Shelby’s ear for about an hour, and need to bend it as far as we can.