Happy birthday to a boy named Seuss

Published 11:55 pm Tuesday, March 2, 2010

On Tuesday, Westside Elementary School in Demopolis and Linden Elementary School had a special celebration honoring Dr. Seuss on his birthday.

At Westside, people read to the students from several Dr. Seuss books. One special guest reader was Sgt. Jason Johnson, a member of the 2101st Transportation Company who was home on leave before being deployed overseas this Sunday. He read to Constance Cleveland’s second-grade class as well as Jennifer Clem’s kindergarten class, which included his daughter, Ansleigh.

“Mrs. Clem asked if I could come over and read today,” Johnson said. “My wife also works at Westside, so I went to two classes. It was a lot of fun!”

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Lunch for the Westside students included actual green eggs and ham. Some of the students were unsure about what green eggs would taste like, but found them to be as good as “regular” eggs.

At Linden Elementary, the Linden High School cheerleaders and band performed at a special assembly, and the George P. Austin Junior High School cheerleaders also took part. The cheerleading squads made up cheers for the occasion, encouraging students to “R-E-A-D a book!”

Linden mayor Mitzi Gates was a special guest reader at LES, where they made the day “Hat Day,” with students and teachers wearing hats to school.

Students at both schools wore the familiar red-and-white-striped hats from “The Cat in the Hat.