Seniors have ‘Spanish Day’ at Nutrition Center

Published 12:25 pm Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The West Alabama Nutrition Center got a rare treat on Friday, as students in Sydney W. Chasteen’s Spanish class at Demopolis High School wrote and performed in three of skits for them, all in Spanish.

As an additional treat, Dinesha Carter whipped up her specially-made quesadillas for the occasion, made with a touch of wine and served with salsa and guacamole.

The students performed three skits, including a look inside a constantly-interrupted geography class, a TV weather report by hapless news anchors in Chicago looking at the exotic weather in Latin America and a day in the life of three friends.

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Afterward, the students enjoyed eating lunch with the senior citizens in attendance.

Students who came to perform at the Nutrition Center included Emily Bedsole, Morgan Cooper, Jania Davis, Kaitlin Freeman, Magdalena Galvin, Matthew Hammond, Courtney Lawrence, Caitlin Long, Chase Mitchell, Savanna Osmer, Rusty Palmer, Delton Rhodes, Shelby Richardson, Clinteshia Ridgeway, Tiana Rivas, Ashya Samuels and Norlissha Wesley.