Stand up, sit down and be counted

Published 9:12 pm Friday, March 19, 2010

The 2010 census is especially important to residents of Marengo County because too many of them have not been tabulated in past counts.

Marengo County is a member of one of the most difficult to count regions in the state because of its demographics.

In general, people are reluctant to give out their personal information. However, this is cheating us out of hundreds of millions of dollars in funds that are available to municipalities based on population.

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This census isn’t just an academic exercise.

An “undercount” costs money because most government funding is handed on the basis of population. The census numbers will lock in funding formulas for 10 years until the next census. This is money for schools, hospitals, roads and other programs.

Look at that list. Are any of the institutions in Marengo County over-funded? We don’t think so. Every little dollar helps.

The Census Bureau reports that each person counted is worth at least $1,400 annually in federal funds. That isn’t even counting state funding, which also is apportioned by population.

We urge every resident to stand up and be counted.

So, stand up and walk to your mailbox where you should find the census form. Sit down and fill it out. Stand back up and walk back to the mailbox to send the form in.