You’re never too old to learn a new skill

Published 9:27 pm Friday, March 19, 2010

This week, I had the privilege of writing not just one, but two stories about adults who strive to keep on learning beyond the traditional age when “book learning” stops and “life learning” begins.

One story — our Faith page story on Page 5 — is about a woman who wanted to learn to play the piano at the age of 45.

Several people told her she was too old to take piano lessons, but she went ahead and learned not just how to play the piano, but to read music from the staffs to the directions above them. Ten years later, she is playing for a church and recording CDs of her music,

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Another story — which I’m still working to pen — involves employees at the New Era Cap plant here in Demopolis. They will each receive up to $1,000 to either further their education or take job training to help them land on their feet, once the plant closes, which will happen all too soon.

I want to urge those workers to take advantage of the opportunities you will be given. I know that it is difficult to shift from doing something you’ve done for many years and have to face doing something else to earn a living, especially when the change in careers was forced upon you.

The job training that will be provided to these workers beginning March 30 will make them better prepared to look for and land another job.

It is never to late in life to learn something new. What will make it easier for people taking part in this job training sessions is to keep an open mind and take in what is being taught.

There are many people on the local task force to help New Era workers who are willing to give of their time and knowledge to help them find another paying job as soon as possible.

The job market may be tough right now, but learning how to find a new job through these training sessions will give New Era workers a leg up.

Sara Smith sets an example that you can learn what you want to learn, no matter what your age is. I ask the New Era workers to follow that example, learn something new and discover a new life.

David B. Snow is the managing editor of The Demopolis Times.