‘Easter at the Gazebo’ fights off rain

Published 4:38 pm Thursday, April 8, 2010

LINDEN — It got off to a gloomy, rainy start on Saturday, but once the clouds broke and the sun came out, Linden’s first-ever “Easter at the Gazebo” was the fun festival it was billed to be.

Children were able to ride a motorized train and get their pictures taken with the Easter bunny, and singing groups helped to provide a spiritual backdrop to the festival.

“It turned out to be great,” said city secretary Bruce Ward. “People were slowly coming out during the rain, and a lot more came out after. It was a nice turnout — a good event.”

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Photos taken by Briauna Alston can be seen at the Web site www.lindenalabama.net, the official Web site for the City of Linden, and can be downloaded through the Web site www.photobucket.com/albums/af254/linden36748.

“She is one of the Youth Advisors,” Ward said. “She took some really nice shots, and hopefully, we’ll have some more.

“We are planning on having this every year. It’s going to grow and change. We aren’t sure if it will continue to be for Relay for Life, but we will do something like that again.